• Initial Consultation - Dr Chen and Dr Pham use this first visit to asses your bite relationship and any skeletal imbalance. At this exam it is determined if orthodontic treatment is needed, what type of treatment would be most beneficial and when an optimum time for such treatment.

  • Second Diagnosis - Dr Chen and Dr Pham use this second "consultation" to discuss specific treatment mechanics and what to expect during orthodontic treatment.

  • Banding - bands are sized for correct fit around the back molars and then cemented

  • Bonding - brackets are placed in the proper position on the front surface of the teeth. They will look like they are in the wrong sports until teeth are aligned!

  • Archwire Changes - when the wire is changed to aid in tooth movement

  • Impressions - molds we take to make plaster casts of your teeth and any appliance you may need during treatment.

  • Deband - the day your braces are removed! YAHOOOOO!